How Often Do Wedded Women in Their 40s Have Sex?

How often do married ladies in their 40s have sex?

Married females in their 40s have sex in a average of 1. 33 occasions per week, according into a recent research from the University or college of Pittsburgh. That’s a little less than the yearly common of 50 to 55 situations, and it’s still a fairly increased amount.

The number of times you and your spouse have sex depends on the needs and desires of both equally of you. But it surely is important to recollect that intimacy is not all the can make the relationship happy and healthy.

She isn’t in the frame of mind for sex at the moment

There are numerous reasons why your wife might be having difficulty enjoying love-making intimacy with you. It could be that the girl hasn’t been feeling very well recently, this girl is definitely worried about her health, or maybe jane is going through some physical changes in her body.

She has a lower libido

If the wife incorporates a low libido, your sweetheart might be having trouble discovering the right kind of intimacy for her. There are many elements that can impact your libido, including depression, nervousness, stress, and perhaps certain antidepressants.

She’s not inside the mood meant for sex whatsoever

The best thing to try is to have a conversation with her about how exactly she’s sense and how come she may be having difficulty enjoying sexual intercourse with you. This may available the door for a few couples’ therapy or some work on some of the issues that are resulting in her for being unhappy in the marriage.


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